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I'm excited to offer you a glimpse of my favorite mystery, AWAKE: A Good Twin, Bad Twin Thriller.


AWAKE is told in the points of view of the heroine and the two twins.

While the heroine is away handling a family crisis, the bad twin connives to steal not only the good twin's life, but also his woman and his multi-million dollar company. 

Danger awaits the heroine when she returns to confront the wrong twin about letting her down. 

Meanwhile, the bad twin is due for a shock. The brother he thought was dead actually survived and plans to get back all he's lost.

This and all of my books are at and free for those subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.  SEE BELOW & ALSO IN THE BOOK SECTION FOR MORE 

Check Out the Excerpt and Book Cover Below.

   The 727’s wheels rolled to a stop at O’Hare Airport. Rina had arrived home, yet felt small comfort. Jaws clenched, she stood up, grabbed her carry-on off the shelf and exited into the terminal.

  At the familiar sight, bittersweet memories rushed back. Grant had kissed her goodbye here and said he loved her.

In return, she’d loved him with all her heart. Still, when she needed him most, he’d let her down. Instead of having his shoulder to lean on, she’d faced her grief and heartache alone.

    Rina fought the urge to cry, but still the tears escaped.

  Stop that. You can’t possibly care anymore.

    Of course not. She always cried when she got angry.

    To prove it, she’d initiate the plan she hatched on the plane. Grant would pay dearly for his betrayal.


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