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      Morgan Mandel 

About Morgan Mandel


A prior freelancer for the Daily Herald newspaper, Morgan then branched out into fiction. What's great about writing fiction is that, contrary to real life, the outcome of events can be controlled.


Morgan's first published book was Two Wrongs, a mystery told from the hero's and villain's points of view.

Since her first mystery, Morgan has been busy writing according to her mood. Her repertoire contains  thrillers, some of which contain science fiction elements, romantic suspense, contemporary romances, and even a book on the dogs adopted by her and her  husband. 


The Books Section here contains information about Morgan's Mysteries. If you're into Romance, check out her site called SweetRomancesbyMorgan.Com.

Morgan lives in a Chicago Suburb with her husband, commonly known on Facebook as Good Paul, and their miniature pinscher, Buster Kegan. Buster is also featured in Morgan's non-fiction book, Our Fur Babies.






Morgan's Other Websites: 

Morgan Mandel.Com




Academy of Magic

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